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Whatīs Your Economic Development Plan?
The economy is a hot topic everywhere, especially for cities looking to reposition themselves in this changing world. Take Butte -Silver Bow, Montana as an example. This beautiful community, which refers to itself as “The Richest Hill on Earth”, is proud of its storied past, as well as itīs central location for North American rail […]

What is my budget?
Most agree that marketing is essential to growth. However, thereīs no simple formula to determine your marketing budget. Today, most spend an average of 2-10% of their net profits; some spend up to 20% of net sales. This may seem like a lot. Or perhaps, you are willing to spend more. To determine a comfortable […]

Seems we have good taste.
The typeface FF Meta, designed by Eric Spiekermann, was part of the first group of digital typefaces ever acquired by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for it’s Architecture and Design Collection. Why should we care? Well, we’ve been using this contemporary sans serif font for several years in our identity and as a key […]

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See that plus sign in our name? Besides looking a little cooler than an ampersand, it represents what smith + jones is all about: Adding our marketing experience and talent to a client's instincts and knowledge to create results-driven print, broadcast and online advertising.

We value this collaborative advertising approach. It inspires innovative, effective marketing solutions. And that's a big plus for everybody's bottom line.

Another plus? Our industry expertise means we come prepared to take your advertising campaigns, marketing programs, and communications efforts to the next level. Take a look at what we've done, who we've served, and where we've done it—and ask us how we can help you achieve similar results.