3 Tips to Help Your Business Survive (and Thrive!) in the Offseason

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Don’t let the offseason get you down. Just get busy stirring things up. (Photo by Alex Robert on Unsplash)

It can feel a bit like paying the piper. We enjoy eight or nine months of business so booming we can hardly handle it, then—WHAMwhere’d all the shiny happy people go?

Truth is, the shiny happy people (and their money) are so busy doing other things, they aren’t thinking about resort-life fun. But you have the power to change that!

Tip 1: Fund a Few Fests

Folks love festivals, especially when the fests are seasonally themed. One of our clients, Camp Richardson, uses the down season to host events like “Oktoberfest” and “Fall Feast.” If you can conger up anything involving craft beers, live music, tasty food, and a solid annual theme, you’ve got a money-maker on your hands.

Tip 2: Don’t Let Your Blog Bog Down

If it’s awesome, your company blog is one of the best ways to keep your business top-of-mind. Think about what your customers are up to right now. Then give them relevant content with just a dash of promotion. Are you an upscale restaurant? Write a winning recipe blog, then let them know Oktoberfest is right around the corner. Ski shop? Give them a piece on equipment maintenance, then mention your upcoming offseason blowout sale. We love the use of one of our client’s Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel’s use of their blog to promote upcoming Halloween specials and holiday activities.

Tip 3: Pretend the Offseason Doesn’t Exist

Another one of our long-standing clients, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, has found a great way to turn make-believe into make-money. Refusing to believe in the “offseason,” they call it Tahoe’s “secret season.” Then they leverage the changing leaves and dropping temps as a perfectly romantic setting for hot drinks on the lakefront deck and unforgettable bike rides through the fall forest. (Makes you want to go, doesn’t it?)

Above all, don’t forget promotion. You can put together the best event or campaign in the world, but if you don’t promote, there’s no point.


Have you generated booming business in the offseason? Well, let’s hear about it! Share your secrets with us at info@sjmarketing.com

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