4 Reasons Reno is Becoming a ‘Best Place to Live & Own a Business’

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You’ve probably heard that Tahoe’s sister city, Reno, NV, is booming; here are four top main reasons why.

Since anyone can remember, the Reno and mountain areas have, in many ways, operated as one. But, while the Tahoe-Truckee sector has been able to enjoy a consistently strong tourism industry, our biggest little sister city has limped along in recent years. Back in 2011, with its unemployment rate close to 14% and its once-strong gambling industry on the slow-fade, the future was looking uncertain for the charming historic town.

But, times they’ve been a’ changing.

Today, Reno is on the ascent, becoming what some are describing as “the new Silicon Valley” and even a “best place to live” and own a business. There are lots of factors contributing to Reno’s recent good fortune, but we thought we’d give our readers a quick breakdown of some of the stronger ones from our local-ish perspective.

#1 – A Booming Tech Industry

One word: Tesla.

Well, okay, there’s also Panasonic, Ardagh Group SA, Amazon and, now, Google (sort of). But, all of this is to say, there is a crazy tech boom going on in Reno, and it isn’t looking like things will slow down anytime soon. Thanks, in great part, to the recent boom, Reno’s 2017 unemployment rate stands at 4%—a stark contrast to 2011’s grim metric.

And because this boom is characterized by next-level tech, it’s drawing in a slew of very smart millennials who are spending a very lot of money. Which brings us to reason number two.

#2 – The Good Life

Little of the Millennial money is being spent on gambling. This phenomenon is contributing to the city’s transition from “gambling city” to “nice place to raise a family.” That transition has been easy, too, thanks to the area’s spectacular natural beauty, relative affordability (at least compared to the Bay Area—for now), and proximity to year-round, world-class outdoor sports.

#3 – Outdoor Sports

With Millennials in full force, it’s looking like functional fitness has gone from fad to forever. And that has been incredibly awesome news for the Reno-Tahoe area. As the Millennials continue to migrate to Reno for tech and manufacturing jobs, the demand for year-round outdoor sports and fitness has skyrocketed. From paddle boarding to skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing (and way too much to list), the area has no shortage of ways to get outside and get fit—while having fun. And, now, there’s definitely no shortage of folks willing to pay for it, too.

#4 – A Great University

Every great city must have a great university. And it just so happens that Reno does. In the most recent U.S. News and World Report ranking, University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), was ranked in the top 110 for best public schools and the top 150 for doctoral engineering programs. It’s also ranked a national Tier 1 university and has several Division 1 NCAA sports teams. Enough said.

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