An Internet Minute – Web Impressions in 2016

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I remember hearing that an entire SuperBowl’s worth of web impressions happens on the internet every minute. That was in 2010. So, you can imagine that web impressions in 2016 are astronomically higher. In fact, web impression opportunities for advertisers have more than doubled since then. For one, smartphone penetration in the US is up from 43% in 2011 to ~70% today.

SJ Marketing‘s clients web traffic and revenue continue to climb, both in absolute figures and as a percentage of total business. These customers of our clients, like people as a whole in 2016, are spending more time (8 hours per day!) browsing the internet, social media, watching videos and reading articles. More and more these digital experiences happen on mobile devices. How big is the internet? Are you ready to feel small?


No like really small.


OK now that you’re prepped let’s look at the size of an internet minute, via Excelacom.



Let’s unpack YouTube:

  • YouTube has over a billion users, roughly 1/3 of the total people that browse the internet.
  • YouTube, looking only at mobile impressions, still reaches more 18-49-year-olds than any cable network (sorry Walking Dead and your #1 ratings, we still love you.)
  • Every second, two hours of new content is uploaded onto YouTube.
  • The growth of hours watched on YouTube has increased at least 50% year over year for the past three years.
  • Advertising revenue, as well as accounts/channels earning six figures, have also grown 50% YOY for three consecutive years.

That’s just one website. Is your brand there? Are you reaching the right share of your target audience and creating content that’s topically relevant? Is your video front-loaded so it isn’t getting skipped? Are you hitting your YouTube engagement goals and secondary ROI goals (gulps, do you have specific goals for each of your media plays or are you winging it because your cousin said you have to put your video on YouTube?)

On the internet, every minute every day we’re searching, Vining, Tweeting, posting and lurking more than the previous day. Mark Zuckerberg has made it (one of) his personal mission to connect the world to the internet, so the potential reach of your videos, ads, and website are only going to continue to grow. It’s a big world and an even bigger internet. Does your marketing plan tap into the scale of the web? How about the depth. We can help.

-Jesse Plate

Manager of Digital, SJ Marketing

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