Another Pea to a World of Pods – A Quick Guide to Instagram Pods

peas in a pod

Been wondering about Instagram pods? Wonder no more! (Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash)

Instagram Pods have sprouted all over, so because Instagram holds a special place in my heart, I’ll answer what they are, whether you should be a part of one, how to join and I’ll give my final opinion — even though you didn’t ask for it. 😉

What is an Instagram Pod?  

An Instagram Pod is a group of people who generally know one another or have something in common (e.g., industry, creative outlook, geographic location), and want to support one another on Instagram. They join a messaging group together on Instagram (a “Pod,” if you will) and let the group know when they have posted a photo so that other members can go give love to their post in the form of likes, but more importantly than that, COMMENTS.

And now you’re asking, “But why a comment, Amanda?”

Well, the new Instagram algorithm is out in full swing and comments carry more weight than likes; therefore, to overcome the negative effects of the algorithm kicking in, the Pod will help keep your engagement up, which will help you rank higher, and potentially get into the “top posts” area of your hashtags.


More info on Instagram pods here:

Do I Need to be a Part of One?

This is 100% up to you! (Duh, boring answer.)  But really, Instagram Pods can be helpful if you are trying to grow your following or increase engagement with your current followers. Not to mention, people who already follow you might be more inclined to comment/engage with your posts if they see others doing it.

If you are comfortable with your following and your engagement, or you are not trying to grow your following, then I would not bother with an Instagram Pod.

But…if you are an Instagram-obsessed person (like me) and want to give a ton of support to people who are trying to grow, and you figure more engagements are never a bad thing – then pod away, my friends.

How Do I Join an Instagram Pod?

There are multiple ways to join a Pod. If you are a creative entrepreneur, I would recommend joining the Rising Tide Facebook Group, as there are multiple Pod announcements per day based on your business and hobbies. Personally, I would recommend creating your own, and I’m finding it to be the most organic form of an Instagram Pod.

You can form your own by either individually reaching out to people, or making a general post and asking the masses to leave their handle if they’d like to join. Next step, go to the Instagram messenger and add all of the usernames to a group, name the group, and send your messages (Instagram makes this very easy), and presto! You are in a Pod.


How to Not Screw This Up (aka, My Opinions About Instagram Pods)

If you’re going to do an Instagram Pod, I STRONGLY recommend doing it with people you know or are somewhat connected to. I recommend the max size of your group to be 20 people, with a sweet spot of 12-15. I do not recommend getting in a massive group with strangers.

If you are the leader of a Pod, I recommend stressing that comments should be genuine, encouraging, and not fake.  (“Love it!” “Adorable!” — both a no-no to me.)


Instagram Pods are just one of many elements out there in our social world. Thank you for reading my take on something I’m passionate about, and please, I’d love to hear your opinions about the Pods!

Leave me a comment on my Instagram page (@amandamclernon). And no, not for my engagement, but because that is the only place I ever check notifications consistently.

— Amanda McLernon, Social Media Strategist, SJ Marketing

Amanda is a guest writer who contracts with SJ Marketing as a social media strategist. She is absolutely obsessed with Instagram and genuine engagement. Basically, she wants to keep social media social. If you are interested in learning more about social media, you can find her on Instagram at @amandamclernon or email her at

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