The Marketing Dream Team

older man wearing a lakers jersey, holding a basketball

Epic Grandpa photo courtesy of Andre Hunter.

What takes 8 research sessions, 18 site visits, and 6 clicks in a span of 17 days?  According to Google Research, that is the path a consumer takes to make a hotel booking.  Keep in mind that 55% of website users spend less than 15 seconds on a website.  So how do you make a memorable impact? How do you become a “marketing dream team?” Continue reading…

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Local Advertising Online: Try Evergreen Facebook Ads

local advertising online

Most platforms for local advertising online have developed some aspect of self-service to make it easier than ever for anyone to set up an ad campaign. So, you could probably spend a few hours per platform figuring out how to do this yourself, but would you be maximizing your spend? Would you be targeting the right people? Would you know how to analyze campaign stats to determine what’s working and what isn’t — or even execute an A-B test? Continue reading…

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Another Pea to a World of Pods – A Quick Guide to Instagram Pods

peas in a pod

Been wondering about Instagram pods? Wonder no more! (Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash)

Instagram Pods have sprouted all over, so because Instagram holds a special place in my heart, I’ll answer what they are, whether you should be a part of one, how to join and I’ll give my final opinion — even though you didn’t ask for it. 😉 Continue reading…

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An Internet Minute – Web Impressions in 2016

old fashioned pink alarm clock

Lovely pink alarm clock photo courtesy of Mpho Mojapelo.

I remember hearing that an entire SuperBowl’s worth of web impressions happens on the internet every minute. That was in 2010. So, you can imagine that web impressions in 2016 are astronomically higher. In fact, web impression opportunities for advertisers have more than doubled since then. For one, smartphone penetration in the US is up from 43% in 2011 to ~70% today. Continue reading…

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Top 5 Mistakes in Facebook Advertising

mistakes in facebook advertising

Photo courtesy of Sticker Mule.

Why mistakes in Facebook advertising are so dang easy to make, and how you can avoid making them.

Imagine that you are scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed. (Or don’t, considering you may already be doing so.) You come across a post that reads “Sponsored” at the top. While you instinctively roll your eyes, something catches your eye, whether it be a shoe sale or a vacation that you’ve been dying to take. Do you ultimately decide to ignore the ad, make a mental note to visit the website later, or click through the ad and make a purchase? Continue reading…

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