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Most platforms for local advertising online have developed some aspect of self-service to make it easier than ever for anyone to set up an ad campaign. So, you could probably spend a few hours per platform figuring out how to do this yourself, but would you be maximizing your spend? Would you be targeting the right people? Would you know how to analyze campaign stats to determine what’s working and what isn’t — or even execute an A-B test?

That’s where the digital strategy team at SJ Marketing can be your most valuable asset. Ensure your marketing dollars bring you the most return by trusting our digital experts to provide the strategy for your online success.

With almost 1.8 billion users, Facebook’s ubiquitous reach is, well…even more ubiquitous. But, reaching even the fraction of those users who match the profile of your business’ target audience is increasingly more challenging. Organic reach on the site has been on the decline since 2014, and last year Facebook warned that organic reach could dip lower than 2 percent. The way to break through this barrier is by putting money behind your content. But, how do you know which option to choose? Facebook offers a bevy of paid options from advertisements to sponsored posts, but today I want to talk to you about creating an evergreen Facebook ad to promote your company.

What Is An Evergreen Facebook Ad?

An evergreen Facebook ad is an advertisement that runs continuously for your business. It can have either a seasonal message or a year-round message if your information doesn’t change much. The key is that the premise of the ad doesn’t need tweaking so you can keep running the ad. Here are some examples of a few evergreen ads:

Resort Hotel Uses a Year-Round Branding Video Ad

Regardless of the season, our client Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel (LTRH) wants potential visitors to know that their location, value, and amenities are top notch in Tahoe. Back-to-back shots in the video show skiing and golf—the “Surrounded by all things Tahoe” really is true. LTRH is steps from the lake, skiing, golf, and casinos. As the in-market audience changes, the ad stays relevant.



Tahoe Wedding Sites Targets the Newly Engaged with an Evergreen Facebook Ad

Pairing Facebook’s “Recently _____” status along with a frequency cap can make sure an ad only hits relevant potential customers. For our client Tahoe Wedding Sites, ads highlighting South Lake Tahoe to newly engaged future brides and grooms stay green year-round.


An Evergreen Facebook Ad To Target Winter Wedding Couples

Facebook’s ad formats, such as the carousel, allow you to showcase different aspects of a business. The added depth of the ad interaction adds a complexity that can allow multiple seasons, amenities, benefits, or photos to be featured. This gives an advertiser the option to account for seasonality and a longer flight up front. We use this format to promote slower-season weddings year ’round for one of our resort clients.


How Can An Evergreen Facebook Ad Help My Business?

A very successful evergreen ad will continually drive sales by creating residual leads. Because the post is up for a long time, it will continue to gather likes and comments. A post with dozens of likes and comments can create credibility for you with new users and potential customers.

When Should I Use An Evergreen Facebook Ad?

An evergreen Facebook advertisement is most effective when it’s part of your larger lead generation strategy and sales funnel. For example, when a user clicks on your ad, it should take them to a landing page with a compelling call to action (CTA) that allows you to capture that person’s email. Once you have the user’s email address, you can connect with them when you want—not only when Facebook’s algorithm allows you to.




For this strategy to work, it has to be just that — a strategy. Too often I see businesses create a Facebook ad targeted to the right demographic with great messaging, but the link the ad clicks through to doesn’t match the advertisement, or it doesn’t include a converter or CTA. From the evergreen ad to the landing page, your campaign needs to be specifically designed for someone who is meeting your business for the first time. Your goal should be to get them on your email list so that you can start communicating with them outside of Facebook.

Choose Your Own Evergreen Ad-venture

Still on the fence about if you should use this type of ad for your business? Here’s a chart that can help you decide:




By using an evergreen advertisement to collect emails, you can leverage the hyper-targeting abilities of Facebook in a long-term way. Once you can connect directly with new customers, you can control the conversation with them rather than Facebook. If you want help setting up this kind of strategy for your business, SJ Marketing has your back! Fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch soon.


–Brianna Sheck, Studio Manager, SJ Marketing

An MS in Integrated Marketing Communications and a BS in Technical Communication with a minor in Journalism were the beginning of Brianna’s career in digital and traditional marketing nearly 15 years ago. Today, she enjoys “wearing many hats,” combining strategic support with creative concepting, from project management to media planning to graphic design.

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