It’s a SJ Thing

It’s a size thing

You have a marketing budget that you think is decent and it deserves some big attention, right?

So you think, “Well, I will call the big agencies in the big city and see what big ideas they have.”

Seems like a good idea until you realize that the big agencies can charge big dollars to cover

their big expenses that may leave your big marketing budget not-so-big in the end. Maybe it’s

time to reconsider the marketing agency approach and take a look at a smaller agency. Besides

costs, here’s a few other reasons why:

It’s a gut thing

Smaller agencies have access to marketing stats and research, but probably not as much as the

larger agencies that pay a lot of money to be able to access the information. Does that really

make a difference to you? It depends on your business, your marketing, and your goals. In

general, small agencies become unbelievably experienced in their areas of focus, which makes

them much better on intuitive marketing. Small agencies know instinctively what works and what

does not because they are entrenched in it daily. They don’t need a pile of research to

understand if a message is going to resonate with an audience because they are intimately

familiar with the market and with what works and what doesn’t.

Most times, small agencies do the research themselves so they can see trends, take advantage

of new advertising opportunities, and understand emerging markets. When you do your own

research, it’s easier to understand the cause and effect. With greater understanding comes

greater effectiveness in application. Intuition plays a large role in successful business decisions

and marketing is included. Smaller agencies use knowledge to trust their intuition, which can be a

very successful combination.

It’s a fish thing

This is the basic big fish, small pond concept. When you have a decent sized marketing budget

and you use a small agency, you become one of their top accounts. And what do we do with our

top clients? We give them the best service possible, personalized attention, and an all-hands-on-

deck approach. That’s what you will get with a small agency.

In addition, in a small agency, account executives wear multiple hats and get involved in most

every aspect of marketing. That means the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing

and the overall knowledge of your marketing & messaging is consistent throughout your

campaigns. The chances of miscommunication from one department to the next is minimized

when your account team is personally involved in your product and/or your business.

Finally, a small agency often times considers themselves an extension of your marketing

department. In essence, they feel like they work for you, not just for the agency. Their approach

and your success becomes much more personal.

It’s a box thing

Small agencies have a very strong sense of what a dollar is worth. Every account they earn is

important to them and they work hard to ensure every dollar you spend is worth it to you. So they

can get very “out-of-the-box” creative with advertising mediums and marketing concepts that give

strong ROI. And because you are a big account to them, they spend a lot of time making sure

that they are tweaking creative and messaging to get the biggest bang for your buck. There’s no

sure thing in marketing and advertising, but when you have a dedicated team watching every

dollar you spend because, let’s face it, that dollar means a lot to a small agency, then you have a

much higher chance of success.

It’s a local thing

In general, you can find good small agencies wherever your business resides. Using a local

agency is good business for you. Why? Because an investment in your community sends a

strong message that you care about the people in your town and the health of your economy. And

the agency will work hard to make sure that a local company that is invested in them is going to

succeed, especially as it means more business to the area they live & work. It’s a win/win.

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