What is Rebranding? Well, Let Us Tell You about Ours

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Rebranding is all about making changes. And when it comes to change, it’s all about rolling up your sleeves and getting started. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Macinnes)

What is Rebranding and Why Did We Do It?

Did you know Smith + Jones has been around for more than 30 years? That’s certainly something we’re very proud of, especially in an area where businesses come and go as easily as the snow melts—and in an in an industry that changes faster than your last Instagram photo.

The thing is, we think our longevity has to do with solid customer service, a willingness to listen to our clients, a great product, and passionate employees. But one of the biggest reasons we’re still going strong after so long is our ability to adjust to the ever-changing marketing landscape. And the time had come.

Time to Rebrand

With a nod to change, we decided it was time to rethink, restrategize, and reexamine Smith + Jones…who we are, what we do, and how we can do better for our clients. It was time to rebrand.

So how does a marketing agency rebrand? The same way we do it for our clients. We’ve spent the last three months meeting, drinking, talking, surveying clients, eating, researching, and brainstorming on what makes us and our clients great.

How We Rebranded

We discussed our strengths, our weaknesses, and our opportunities. We developed our positioning statement, our promise to our clients, and our story. We went through umpteen-thousand logo designs (well, at least 10) and tweaked them over and over until we thought it was perfect. We launched a new website. We changed the way we work together as a team, focusing more on sharing successes, tackling challenges, and optimizing our strengths within the team.

Finally, we hired crazy smart digital experts, and additional team members to bring new ideas and a fresh perspective while capitalizing on our “old” employees’ experience and ability to strategize.

I guess you could say we (1) hired ourselves, (2) went through the process we take our clients through, and (3) came out the other side with a much better version of ourselves.

So now, we are excited to share it all with you!

Our New Name

Introducing SJ Marketing (formerly known as Smith + Jones)—a true modern classic.

We’re insiders in the ad world, and from our Tahoe-based office, we bring a unique, elevated perspective to the table. We’re proud to be one of the few marketing agencies that offer it all. We are the sound alternative to hiring multiple niche agencies for strategy, design, and media placement.

Also, we believe in straight-talk and strong partnerships with our clients. You know, the antiquated belief that our success only comes from our clients’ success. We see marketing as crafting the perfect cocktail—an art form that can only be mastered with years of experience. Our spirit is fueled by a good deal of research, feisty creativity, and a splash of Lake Tahoe purity.

At SJ Marketing, we specialize in a well-balanced, integrated approach to advertising with a focus on business, strategy, and creativity. We’re experts in every medium, and we are quick to adapt in an ever-changing digital and data-driven landscape.

That’s what it means to be a full-service agency.

So when you’re ready to partner with an agency that knows what it takes to never go out of style, we would love to give you a taste of success.

Let’s Talk! 

Our New Logo


Positioning Statement

SJ Marketing is an agency for the ambitious and the forward-thinking—for the daring entrepreneur as well as the proven industry leader. You might say we’re a classic martini…with a twist. We are the trusted partner for those who want it all: ingenuity, expertise, passion and prodigious visibility. With hand-picked teams of strategic visionaries, digital experts, content crazies, and creative gurus, we build brands that are both timeless and unforgettable, with marketing campaigns that truly make a splash. In fact, we’re known for crafting the perfect cocktail for success—with every client, every time.

Brand Promise

SJ Marketing promises to pour our heart and soul into lifting your brand to its highest potential with the kind of old-fashioned respect and partnership you rarely find in the modern world of advertising.


— Diana Evans, Account Services Co-Director, SJ Marketing

Skilled at thinking outside the box when it comes to integrated marketing solutions, Diana also brings a “big picture” perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit to the challenge. Her over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience are complemented by first-hand knowledge of what a business owner faces: she was once one herself.

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